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Cooldown Reduction Divine Power
Another suggestion has been, to create a Divine Power that lowers the cooldown of the implosion.
What do you think about this one?

Keep in mind, that adding this Divine Power will probably also result in an increased base cooldown.
Define "increased base cooldown" plz
"Do or do not, there is no try" - Yoda
I'm good without the additional Divine Power lowering the cooldown. If I implode too soon all I'm doing is repeating my previous run with no gains. I have a formula for when I decide to implode. Let's say my "Unlock Divine Power for" is 1.2aa. I wait until my "Implode to get" reaches over 1.2ab or 1.2ac before I implode. By doing this, each run gets a little further than the previous run. So far this seems to be the perfect pace for my gameplay style as it's fast enough to keep me active in the game and still has progressive growth.

At "Unlock Divine Power for" is set to 1.2aa:
If I implode on or before I reach 1.2aa, I just repeat the run with no gain.
If I wait to implode on or after I reach 1.2ba, I've waited for way too long riding out extremely slow game progression after the game slows down.

I've experimented with different implosion timings and this formula seems to work for me in keeping me active without losing interest and yet still making incremental gains. With that being said, I haven't had to spend 10 Dark Matter to implode yet.

(On a side note, I still have the classic version on another device and not upgrading it so I can compare current game modifications with previous versions for balancing data)
Couldn't implode this morning due to the 10 Dark Matter cost. I put the device away until tomorrow. I'm back to playing the classic version on another device.
You can also implode without Dark Matter, it just has the 1 hour cooldown to avoid implosion spamming.
The whole point of this artifact would be to lower that cooldown. Smile

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