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What is an essay?
Essay is one of the scariest tasks for students because of the difficulty in writing it. Okay, well, what is an essay? What if someone asked you to write essay in one word? Think. My answer will be essay is an idea. If there is no idea, then there won’t be an essay. This is the case of a simple essay.  When you explain an idea in detail, there arises an essay. When you explain this idea in a logical and sensible manner, it becomes a perfect essay. Above all, the best essay has excellent ideas. So basically you need inspiring ideas in your mind before starting to write an essay. Readers are mostly interested in fresh ideas. The same boring old points won’t work if you want to make the readers feel good about your essay. But from where did you get these kinds of amazing ideas? They won’t pop up like notifications in your phone. A particular idea has an origin. An idea can be defined as an insight that is obtained from an event. Refer best essay writing service. The event can be anything. Personal experiences are the main events that give an idea. These could be even a very small incident that may inspire you a lot. For instance, you saw a baby walking with her blind father. This can give you idea about the trust she has on her father. She believe that he won’t let her to be injured even he is blind. Thus you write an essay on love. See how simple it is! Research can also gives you ideas about different things. You can use any resources like books, magazines, web etc for this purpose. Another way is to analyze the idea of others in order to invent a fresh idea. reading books of popular writers will be helpful in thinking this way.
My name is Theaut and I from South Africa, But I am studding English writing in London. So I am new here and looking for top writing service by which I can improve my writing skills, So let me know if you know any one there.

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