Full Version: Freezes at end of loading screen. No longer playable
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Was great... After removing the frozen time function its taken away the uniqueness and after most recent update it wont even load past the load screen. Top 25 so I really dont want to start over. If starting over is what I have to do im dropping this game and moving on. It keeps getting worse lately. Devs were on the right track and the update that took away frozen time it has started to decrease in functionality, fun, and bugs after each update. Would be great to see it reverted to before Frozen time got cut. I understand the freezing from numbers being to high considering computers can only go so high in numbers and werent programed for amounts as high so causes internal error but add a different numbering system to add into instead of trying to continously raise the main number like add a A to 267 top the power of 102 and have it reconise the A as a multipyer kinda like a preprestige. Something. Huh
Hey, as announced in many feedback responses and the changelog, the timewarp has been brought back. Hopefully you like it. Smile
The reason the game stops to work for some players is, like you figured out, that the numbers got too big. We're going through a balancing phase that intends to prevent players from even getting near that bound. This however causes players to feel like they are get less far than before, when actually just all numbers got smaller.

If you've any other bugs to report, feel free to do so. Smile
if i wipe the data for it off phone am i going to lose my purchased multipliers from shop
Hey, no. The multiplier is being stored online as well, so it can be restored. You will however loose your dark matter.