Full Version: still frozen Game at high lvl
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Instead of describe the old problem with the high levels of the game I will ask same question?

First of all:
Do you try too use BigInteger? (https://developer.android.com/reference/...teger.html)
Do you try too use try: catch:? (https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/...catch.html

If you use double do you try too use it without a sign?

Gods Deftness do not work correctly. I have Gods Deftness at Level 200(100%). If I  buy 2200 Quantenschaum is the result, not 4400 it is 4470. Not every Time the same count. but wrong. The calculation at TABs is also wrong at Max buy.

Possible short solution:
If you use double is the max: 1,7E+308. At the button (1, 10, 100, Max)

Max buyable shout be smaller then  sum of ...

the max amaunt of buyable is A = 10.000.
If you have Gods Deftness a Level 200 you shut get A_res = 20.000. But the Cost of buy the 20.001 is bigger then 1,7E+308.

If A = 7.000 is the Result A_res. = 14.000.
For Example 14.001 cost is 1,69E+308.  That is to big.
If you try to buy 100 it hase to work also.
  A_res + 100 < 1,7E+308

Put a limit at buyable
A*2 + 100  < 1,7E+308

If you want I will explain it in German in a Private mail.

Sorry for the Bad english.
Although there are datatypes that can handle bigger numbers than double, these are extremely slow to calculate with. So the goal is avoiding to get near e300 anyways, not to change the datatype.

The chance of Gods Deftness happens on every buy, so when you have e.g. 50%, it's not guaranteed, that you get 50% more. You could be lucky and get twice as many, or have bad luck and don't get any extra.
We did however change a little detail in v1.247 which might fix your 100% case, where my example doesn't apply. The only other cause I can imagine is, that you could buy 35 more before the next update of the maxBuy label, so you ended up with the additional 70.

Doing a size check like that doesn't make any sense. When you do the comparison and it's too big, then the exception would already be there and the application would freeze.
One could put all of that in a try-catch, but again that makes calculations so much slower.

Our goal is just to get to a balance, where players can get further and further, but they'll technically never get near e308, like it is in other idle games, like Tap Titans.