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We are proud to announce that Path of Exile is coming to PlayStation 4 this December! The latest will probably be well received too as they announced Path of Exile is coming to PS4. As you know, the 3.5.0 expansion plan will be released on December 7th on two console platforms. As a remind, you would better prepare enough poe exalted orbs and chaos orbs in advance.

[Image: 20181106121216_59004.jpg]

The game is set to make a debut on PlayStation 4 on December,7 2018, and the update 3.5.0 should arrive to both consoles at the same time. Raiditem.com will provide a majority of chaos orbs and exalted orbs for players with the cheapest price and the best service.

What do you think? Are you excited to play Path of Exile on PlayStation 4? You won’t miss raiditem.com if you want to give the game a shot. By the way, we also prepare a lot of discounts for all players to buy poe items. In a word, I hope everyone can enjoy the fun of this game!

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You can compare the prices of our poe items with others in the market, you will find our poe items are relatively cheaper. 

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Our top service team ensures that we will deliver the poe items within 15 minutes after your place an order.

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To buy poe items from gold.raiditem, you don’t have to sign up because we have a mature order system.

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Email: service@raiditem.com

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